The dudes from Christian Skaters Mpumalanga had the opportunity to serve at this year’s Ultimate X Action Sports Festival hosted at Sun City Resort. Gareth and Dev were sponsored a Ford Ranger by Ford Barberton to do their journey from Nelspruit through to the resort in Rustenburg. The blessings kept flowing and to their surprise, they were put up in The Cabanas Hotel for the remainder of the trip. There is nothing quite like climbing into a cozy hotel bed after a hard day’s work.


The work days flew by with an overall positive vibe off the park from every team member that was involved. The CS team had the opportunity to pray with a number of team members which was a great opportunity to instill some love into the atmosphere. The CS team became fondly known as the painting team because in the 3 days of work they managed to paint the entire grand scale skate park.


By the Thursday all of the athletes had arrived and the dudes were invited to join a Welcome dinner at The Shebeen. The dinner was a great time, with an atmosphere of stoke. Rivalry was set aside as all the professional skaters and BMX riders came together as one family around local cuisine.


Friday brought the first opportunity for the riders to experience the skate park that had been especially crafted for them. The skate plaza consisted of a 3 section line, 1stsection hosting a ledge, rail and 3 set stair, 2ndsection a massive ledge, 5 set and gap to rail that soon became the rail to put down the biggest bangers and the 3rdsection a quarter to finish off the line with some vert magic. After Friday’s practice it was evident that the main event was truly going to be something epic.


Saturday dawned and the stoke arose. The main event was breathtaking, to watch the caliber of skateboarding that our country has to offer creates a serious excitement to see what the future holds for skating in our country. The dudes were so amped when CS Durban team member, Simon Stipcich, took the best trick comp with his Nollie Heel Gap to Boardslide. The international flair over in the BMX section was mind boggling, at times the tricks the athletes pulled off were incomprehensible with the massive scale and technicality that they were done with.


The results were:



3rd– Brandon Valjalo (JHB)

2nd– Khule Ngubane (KZN)

1st– Braxton Haine (KZN)


Best Trick – Simon Stipcich (KZN) – Nollie Heel Gap to Boardslide



3rd– Kevin Peraza (Arizona, USA)

2nd– Bryce Tryon (USA)

1st– Pat Casey (USA)

Best Trick – Max Orsini – Wall Ride to Bike Flip


The ending of the trip toned down to some CS Family gathering around the breakfast table with the dudes, Simon and his girlfriend. This years Ultimate X was truly a blessing all round that’s left the dudes with stoke for the next one.


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