Following the downfall of the skate park giants Boogaloos, the responsibility of keeping skateparks in South Africa and skating alive in the community, has now fallen into the hands of the skaters and the municipality. We have seen some incredible parks rise up over the years and below is a list of some of our favourite parks in no particular order.


Thrashers Skate Park, Pretoria

Alex Williams – FS Board @ Thrashers Skatepark

Thrashers is what skating is about, a tight community of people who have a common goal of skating hard and growing together. The park consists of some massive rollins and quarters that does not make speed a challenge here. Due to the size of the park even a new skater will find space to practice their tricks safely. Thrashers is the oldest skatepark in South Africa, having been around for 22 years (Since 1996) so it has set a tone for skateboarding in South Africa.


View Thrashers website for upcoming events and more info.

Thaba Nchu, Free State

The bowl section at the Thaba Nchu Skate Plaza

Hidden in the rural community of Thaba Nchu lies a community centre with a top class skate plaza. There is a huge bowl section for vert skaters and a great set up for some sick street lines. The plaza was created for community upliftment and this has been achieved. If you get to Thaba Nchu you can’t help notice the amount of young kids lives that have been positively impacted by skateboarding.


More info on Thaba Nchu skate plaza by Concrete Disciples here.


Kumba Skate Plaza, Kimberley

Kumba Skate Plaza – Photo Creds: Kimberley City Portal

Home to the international competition – The Kimberley Diamond Cup, Kumba Skate Plaza is world class as it has been built by some of the best the world has to offer. The park was awarded The Skate Park of the Year at the 2015 Global Skateboarding Awards. Like Thaba Nchu, it has been created to impact the community and since it’s original inception it’s done more than that. The Kimberley Diamond Cup has brought recognition to many local skateboarders by the international skate scene and has also allowed them to use their skill as a profession.

More on the Kumba Skate Plaza.


Durban Beachfront, Durban North


Simon Stipcich – FS Flip at Durban Beachfront Skatepark

This skatepark perfectly mimics the crustiness you experience when street skating, this park has stood the test of time and allowed for some great skaters to be birthed out of the park that is built right next to the beach. The park has a massive rollin which allows for some rad airs. It is notoriously difficult for first time skaters of all skill levels to get used to the park, but this challenge has been taken up by the locals and the results that come from this shows it’s rad possibilities.

The photos of Durban Beachfront Skatepark from the recent CS National Tour.


The Shred, Cape Town


Khule Ngubane – FS Hurricane at The Shred Skatepark – Photo Creds: Grant Mclachlan

This park encapsulates what professional skateboarding is about. This is one of the few indoor skate parks in SA. This park is pristinely crafted and one cant help but notice the similarities to the Berrics in California. It is obvious why the cream of the Cape crop call The Shred home. The Shred sets a high standard for Skateparks in South Africa.

Checkout The Shred for upcoming events and further details.



Honourable Mentions

Gsk8t Skate Academy – Nelspruit, Mpumalanga

C-Breeze Restaurant – Scottburgh, Kwazulu-Natal

Key West Mall – Krugersdorp, Gauteng

Gardens Skate Park – Cape Town, Western Cape

I2B Skate Park, Somerset West

Skateparks missing? Let us know in the comments below about Skateparks in South Africa and let us know what is your favourite Skatepark.