Skateboarding is often overlooked as a sport that goes further than a culture of rebellion. Skateboarding can positively impact a person with life lessons which are jampacked within the sport.

With the inclusion of skateboarding in the 2020 Olympics there is a new vision regarding the sport requiring some serious athletic ability and discipline. Youngsters can now work towards higher levels of skateboarding, and achieve big dreams with it.


Life Lessons


Learning to deal with consequences, persistence and patience are but a few examples of how skateboarding can positively impact a person. Skateboarding is difficult and it takes a person a long time to perfect tricks. It teaches a skater to work towards the goals to be achieved. Video games and television have always provided instant gratification, yet physical skateboarding requires discipline, going outdoors and persevering to accomplished what goals have been set out.





Skateboarding positively impacts a person’s health. Skateboard sessions are not quick and a skater can skate for well over hours without even realizing how time flies by. When the skating bug bites, it impacts in volumes until these sessions become a daily ritual. Skateboarding provides a full body workout that will improve flexibility, strength and endurance.




Picking up a skateboard inevitably leads to you picking up a group of new fun friends. Skateboarding communities are typically non-judgmental. Everyone is welcomed as they are and this is why so many misguided and lost youth find themselves included in a skateboarding community and encouraged. This positively impacts a person struggling to make friends. Skateparks are filled with people who have one goal, skating! Pairing the skating community with the love of Jesus provides one of the most friendly and loving circles of people with which to connect.


Skateboarding can positively impact a person


The world of skateboarding is fascinating and expansive. A person who finds themselves in a skateboarding community will find themselves in a whole new life. Skateboarding is a sport people already know but are afraid to try. There is an element of danger, but according to research its not nearly as perilous as the general public think. Read this article from the us national library of medicine explaining the extent of skateboarding’s lack of danger and how the public perceptions are incorrect.



Skateboarding can be a whole world of discovery be it life lessons, health social or spiritual. Join your local skaters or contact us to direct you to your nearest skateboarding community.