How Skateboarding can positively impact a community.

In a world filled with distractions with a large portion of poverty on the one side of the scale and instant-gratifying brainwash from media on the other. We are in desperate need for a positive change. Skateboarding may not be The answer but it can be part of the solution. There has been countless testimonies of the how skateboarding can positively impact a community.


The road so far

There is so many success stories of how skateboarding can positively impact a community. They speak for themselves, go to these links to see the beautiful stories of how positive skateboarding really can be.


Indigo Skate Camp – (





A Skate Camp set up in the Valley of a thousand hills in Kwazulu-Natal that has provided hundred of kids the great opportunity to skate.

Skateistan –

A non-profit organization stemming out of the need to connect with children and youth with skateboarding and education.

Skate-aid –






Skate-aid targets areas of conflict such as Afghanistan to bring hope through the love and impact of Skate Boarding.

Christian Skaters Africa –






Stemming from the international ministry,  CSA is a non-profit organization dedicated to sharing the Gospel to the global skateboarding community.

Do it for the kids.


Our youth need positivity. They need physical exercise, they need to get off Instagram and start living a life. Skateboarding does wonders for people (read our article on How skateboarding can positively impact a person). We compete with the instant gratification that is being provided by video games and social media. Skating gives our kids a new way of life that goes against the grain of what society is currently offering, under correct supervision skateboarding can become a career path. Read how Jean Marc Johannes , a Cape Town skater who received special recognition at the Cape Town Sports Council Awards at UWC  earlier this year.



Distraction Dilemma


Skateboarding serves as an outlet for frustrations and boredom. It get’s us active outside in a social environment. Rural communities are notorious for their drug and alcohol abuse statistics. There are so many ways for rural community dwellers to find themselves hooked up with criminal records and addictions and are in dire need of new life. Skateboarding can be this new direction they are searching for, it is a proactive counter attack against gangsterism, prostitution and addiction. There are organizations created by skaters in Cape Town that use this model. See Rise Organization  and 20Sk8.




This year we we’re blessed to be on the Christian Skaters SA National tour 2018 which allowed us to travel the country and visit places I never expected myself to visit. This got me thinking about the fact that when you build something for skateboarding, the skaters will come. It may not be a huge crowd but all of a sudden a community can gain exposure through the media of skateboarding. Looking at the result of the Kimberley Diamond Cup, not once would I (A Johannesburg raised, Nelspruiter) have put Kimberley on my bucketlist of destinations, as the place appears to be a hole. Following the dawn of the Kumba Skate Plaza,  this all changed and now I long to get myself there.


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