This sunny Saturday held a spectacle of sick skate tricks and a great atmosphere all around with skaters of all ages coming together to show us what they’ve got!

We set the park up in a way that just invited the skaters to hit up all kinds of ramps and rails. One in particular was a kicker used to launch over a park bench. We were graced with plenty a sick trick from grabs, backside heel flips to a cheeky shifty ollie!

We held a skate clinic for the little dudes and dudettes who are in the early stages of skating and in this session we taught them the Pop-Shuvit. The kids were all killing it; showing huge amounts of dedication! Just then we were graced with the best kind of distraction being our sponsors, Panarottis, who blessed us with some delicious pizza which nourished the bodies and pumped the energy levels for the competition!

The competition began with a best trick competition for the Groms. These little dudes were showing some massive improvement and impressed everyone with their no-holding-back attitude. They hit up the fun box and cruised up and down the various kickers. A resident at our Car Park Leagues, Xander Cope, took the win with his fire cracker down the stairs of the fun box.

The main event came when it was the seniors’ turn to compete. We split them into 3 groups of 4 skaters for a best line jam session. Each skater showed massive perseverance and some of the sickest steeze. After the best line jam we had a best trick session where the skaters brought out the tricks that they had been cooking up all day. The competition was insane! Local skater Jonathan Liebenberg came in 3rd & Johannesburg took the rest of the podium space with skaters Kelvin Vosloo in 2nd and Taylor Sturgess in 1st, which was a no brainer with his backside heelflip over the park bench. Taylor made his way home with a sweet new Epitome board, a R500 petrol voucher from Puma Nelspruit, food vouchers from Spur I’Langa Mall, Panarottis I’Langa Mall and Feast Nelspruit and various other cool prizes.

This event will go down as a grand success in our books all thanks to our Lord Jesus, our sponsors, the skaters and our team here at Gsk8t!