Early start to the day the G-Sk8t team rendezvoused at Gareth’s house keen and eager to set up the mobile skate park at the Nelspruit Motor Show at Riverside Mall. Once we all arrived at the Motor Show we got stuck into the heavy lifting. The more the park started coming together like a massive scale Lego set the more the boys’ eagerness increased for the skate day the next day. We ended up leaving the park late in the night but comfortable as to how the park was arranged.


Upon arrival at the event the next day the spirits were high. All around us were keen children excited to get their taste of the skate park we had created. Whilst the senior skaters and the Gsk8t team were adding the final touches to the park we couldn’t stop the kids from having a good time playing around on the skate park. After the first hour the more experienced and senior skaters hit the ramps and began to start a spectacle of grinds over the Hi-Q box. Skater, Reuben, was the first to attempt the key piece of our skate park – a rusted & wrecked old car that would, to any other person, hold no hope for any transport endeavors, but to the Gsk8t team it was an opportunity to set up a rail to hit up some rad grinds. After only a few attempts Reuben landed a board slide across the rail, coining in the first trick over ol’ Rusty!


Come lunchtime there was now a crowd sitting on the sideline enjoying the show of skaters Reuben, Johnny, Brandon, Tristan, Aneaho, Fransisco, Shane and Edrick, who were now pulling out the best tricks they held in their arsenal – really wooing the crowd!

The smell of burnt rubber from the drifting cars behind us applied a unique feel to the aura of the warm, winter’s day and the determination of the skaters to get in the best tricks that they could before the end of the day provided a great feel to the whole day – a balance of professionalism and joy.


Gareth then hosted a skate clinic for the kids, who wanted to learn how to skate. Where plenty kids managed to express themselves for the first time on a skateboard. The competition took place with Reuben managing to score 1st place.


Thanks to all the skaters who made it out and to our valued sponsors, and of course to our Lord and savior, Jesus Christ.