11 March 2017

The day was sunny and filled with laughter, smiles, conversation and of course, skating. This was our first car park league of the year held at Makro.

The competition was scheduled to start at 12h00. Just before that we had our prayer session in a huge group with all the skaters. The groms kicked the competition off with their qualifying round. It consisted of 6 groups with 3 skaters in each run. Each grom skated with their hearts and showed great dedication. Thereafter, the senior competetion started where there were 4 groups with 3 skaters in each run, as well. What a spectacle it was to see all the huge and technical tricks these guys could do! Their skill was exemplary and set a tone of professionalism for the rest of the comp.

The semi-finals for the young groms went without failure. The young skaters were so full of energy – stopping was not on their minds! They were all skating so well and having so much fun. The seniors’ semi-finals envigorated the crowd. Before they even began the tension around the park was felt! The round went on with unrestrained talent oozing off every skater. The only hint of tension relief was when the judges opened the park for free skating during the tallying of the semi-finals results.

The groms’ final was an impressive display of progress on their behalf. They hit up the ramps and dominated the rails and the ledges.  All groms did very well with 5th place being Heidi , 4th place Adriaan, 3rd place to a local skater, 2nd place Chris and finally, 1st place went to Zack.

The seniors’ final maintained the professionalism seen in the earlier stages of the competition. They adjusted the park to suit the recipes that they had cooked up for us. The skaters shredded immaculately! Brandon came in 3rd place, Reuben in 2nd and a well deserving 1st place went to Jonathan.

The day ended with resounding success and it was all thanks to Gsk8t’s sponsors, Gareth Green himself, the spectators and the skaters!