Getting back on board with Ilanga Mall this year was a great success for our skateboarding event on 22 April. This was the first Ilanga Mall event of the year in Nelspruit, Mpumalanga.

The sponsors are growing and the vibe is picking up all the time. The influx of junior ‘groms’ is constantly climbing in numbers. More parents are bringing their children around to check the skate scene out. The constant vision is to grow skateboarding in our city and to include the ‘groms’ in our development program. So with that said, we do a skateboarding clinic at every event in aid of inspiring and encouraging skateboarding with the young skaters and their parents.


As per the usual flow of the day we did our groms competition and the senior competition.

Young John Mavimbela took 1st place in the groms competition and Xander Cope came in 2nd place, followed by Zack Roos in 3rd place.

In the senior division we had some new talent shredding the park all the way from Johannesburg, Kelvin Vosloo, who took 1st place. Jonathan Liebenberg followed in 2nd place and Simon de Goede took 3rd place. It was a great challenge having Kelvin down as it pushed the other skaters to up their game and get out of their comfort zones. We encourage the more experienced skaters to come and take part in our events to help push our local guys of Nelspruit to work harder and improve their skill level.

We also had some new excitement at this event with the three-mascot launch. It was a moment of big air as the skaters cleared the three mascots unharmed off the big kicker ramp. Thank you Panarottis, Spur and Citybug for these crowd-drawing moments!


I would say a large portion of the success of these events is due to the support that we get from our corporate sponsors. This aids in the positive perception of action sports. Over the past months the corporate sponsors have aided in building credibility for us, thus, building stronger relations with parents and the community. The media has also been a huge help with bringing creative publications and keeping us a topic of current news in the town of Nelspruit. With all these elements working with us we are constantly seeing growth and new support.


We look forward to seeing an ever increasing action sport in growing communities like Nelspruit!