To all of you that did not know that the Mr. G of Gsk8t got married to his beautiful fiancé, now known as lady G (Jenna Green). When I arrived at the wedding venue, Bee Eaters, I first thought that I was at the wrong place but then I got a glimpse of the main man Mr. G in his snazzy looking suit with a large amount of happiness on his face. It was one of those smiles when all you see is teeth and last night’s dinner.
Family and friends started arriving at the venue and once everyone was there, they slowly but surely started moving into the church where the serious things happen. Once everyone was seated, there was the anticipation of waiting for the future Mrs. Green to arrive. Just one look out the church’s window and everyone was up from their seats, smiling, getting goose bumps, seeing Jenna in her stunning white wedding dress riding on a horse to the church. As she came walking down the aisle, are-in-arm with her dad, everyone stood up and smiled, but nothing compared to the smile on Gareth’s face!
There was about a 30 minute service where Pastor Wernich Swart presented a beautiful sermon and finally pronounced them husband and wife! The best part was when he said “You may now kiss your bride!” What does Gareth do? He pulls out his minty breath spray and pops a spray into his mouth before he officially makes Jenna his wife.
After the service, the evening ran very smoothly where photos were taken, the first dance was done where the married couple had a perfectly executed routine and of course the dinner where family and friends had the chance to give some advice and share a few jokes in-between. Of course, Gareth’s father didn’t get the memo because he had more jokes than Trevor Noah who was apparently supposed to be there! That was another joke of his.
A big thanks to Gareth and Jenna’s family, you are all great people! Everyone had a great time and thank you to all who made it a great day and evening. We want to wish Mr. G and Lady G THE GREATEST adventure in their married life!