My passion first started when I moved to the Lowveld. I had moved to Nelspruit with not much vision in mind as to where I was going in life. I found myself spending most of my time seeking approval in all the wrong places. The alcohol gave me the encouragement to make friends and meet girls. It also came with the consequence of car accidents, getting pulled over by traffic officers and nearly getting arrested. I found myself continually learning hard lessons. These things equaled many regrets. Eventually, I lost friends because I got too out of hand. People would not hang around me anymore. This lifestyle went on for quite some time.

After a few years, I finally came to realise it was time for a choice called ‘change’. It was old year’s eve; I was sitting with my younger, more responsible brother, having a beer.

I had a thought come over me, and at that moment I decided that this would be the last time I will ever drink again! This choice became a lifestyle to become better and something more than what I was then. I made a decision to go to a church where I could learn to be better. I would meet up with friends at the local bar but I would only drink water. They could never understand why I chose to drink water but I always just said I prefer water tonight or that water is healthier. I eventually got so bored being around that crowd so I started spending more of my time going to the church youth groups. As time went on I got more involved with the local church. I became a partner in February 2005 and in May I got water baptised. From here onwards I was mentored and groomed. I became more interested and involved in the youth ministry where I learned to speak publically and bring the message to the young people. I started playing guitar in the youth band and later ran it.

I got to a place where I coordinated the entire youth service on a Sunday morning. This consisted of bringing the message, managing people who were in the band, who brought the message on the occasional Sunday morning and who were bringing a Scripture reading for Communion or Offering. I started running the Friday night youth service as well. I came into church with piercings and looking pretty different from the average church person, but I was accepted and carried on ministering to the youth just as I was. During this time of my life, I discovered that I had a purpose, and that was to reach the lost. To tell them my story and show them how the Lord has helped me. I would often share my painful situations and testify on how the Lord never let me down. I always had a victory situation the times I lost my job, the verbal abuse I got from work, the times of financial battle-always ended in victory for me.

I came to realise that 70% of my life consisted of work-keeping a boss rich and happy. I thought deeper and asked myself these questions: How much time am I utilising to build up an unbreakable Kingdom? How much time am I putting into building up treasure in Heaven? The percentage was very small. I found myself praying for an increase in my job situation and the prayer brings me more fulfillment than my actual job did! As a result, I made the decision to go full time into skateboarding and discipleship ministry. In my skateboarding ministry. I use this as bait to catch the lost. When they accept the invitation, I build friendship and trust. Eventually, it gets to a place where they start opening up more and more. Hereafter, I show them the only truth that will set them free from all the pain they experience. His name is Jesus. Since 2006 I have been building this vision to reach a generation that I can identify with.


We are a Nelspruit based skateboarding company that’s main focus is on providing a healthy environment for the youth of Nelspruit to skate. The skateboarding culture is one that holds a negative stigma of rebellion, we at gsk8t believe it is time for that to end, we see skateboarding as a sport, a sport that takes hours of hard work to excel in. It’s a sport of dedication and one that requires a serious level of focus and determination. Gsk8t uses skateboarding as a tool to draw in the crowd of young people that seem to be wayward to our society. Skateboarding has a way of attracting these kinds of young people with their friends. We are all about building lasting friendships with a non-judgmental outlook on this misguided youth. We are creating a positive environment with people who can relate to one another and be accepted by our group who were once a misguided youth, too.

We pride ourselves in a lifestyle of excellence. We strive to be true to our word. We are focused on influencing the people around us with excitement and positive attitudes. Being a great example helps others be a great example. We care for each other and help one another by always lifting each other up when we fall. We work in unity and are always forgiving, sorting our disputes out immediately. We think before we speak and have the heart for all our team members. We put others first and serve our youth and community. We are clear and transparent in all our dealings with each other and in the way the company runs. We care to grow our family of skaters and welcome all kinds of people into our team. We strive to listen and understand all situations and circumstances without assumption. We do not judge, we help and direct people. We are not perfect and we are willing to learn to grow as people. We will never have all the answers so we remain humble and teachable.

We are the team of success, always growing, learning and welcoming Change.

We are Gsk8t.


Gareth is our leader and the front of our team. He was the creator of the vision that we all follow. In 2003 Gareth found his life in johannesburg as one that was unfulfilling and he longed for more and moved to Nelspruit. The move was a culture shock as Nelspruit’s lifestyle is incredibly slow and the skateboard scene was even slower where the skateboarders were limited to only a few skate spots. That was enough to spur up a desire to use Gareth’s passion for skateboarding to start up the skateboarding scene in Mpumalanga.
Thus birthed G-Sk8t, a faith based brand pushing the Love of Jesus Christ by reaching a misguided generation through the through the street culture of skateboarding. G-sk8t push to inspire, motivate and love a brethren who often feels rejected. Gareth uses his discernment of the Lord’s voice to guide him through this vision that is ultimately His.
Before Gsk8t Devin spent 7 very dark and confusing years trapped in a drug addiction in Johannesburg that escalated to the point of spending 10 days in Sun City prison for shoplifting in order to support his lifestyle it was then that he realised that this life is no life at all and it was time for change. His family were fortunate enough to send him to a rehab situated just out of Nelspruit called Healing Wings where he went through their process which resulted in him discovering Jesus, the best recovery that’s possible.
After Healing Wings he moved into Nelspruit and after 2 weeks met Gareth Green who held the morals and values that he was seeking and Gareth took him under his wing and introduced him to Gsk8t. He is now the graphic designer for the brand and is serving the vision that Jesus gave to gareth with all his heart. Devin finds this work excellent as this is work built around the Kingdom of Heaven and focuses on the lost.
Devin hopes to use the testimony that Jesus has given him to reach out to a fallen world and to potentially help the youth realise that the gaping hole that they feel in their hearts is God shaped.
“This is a trustworthy saying, and everyone should accept it: “Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners”—and I am the worst of them all.But God had mercy on me so that Christ Jesus could use me as a prime example of his great patience with even the worst sinners. Then others will realize that they, too, can believe in him and receive eternal life.” – 2 Timothy 1:15-16