The first day held its first test, setting the tone for the rest of the tour. The CS Mpumalanga team, consisting of Gareth Green, Ruan Venter, Devin Nyschens, Jody Ellis and Dylan Whitehair, met up at Gareth’s house packed and ready to go. For a couple weeks prior we as a team had been praying for a vehicle to get us down to Durban but the vehicle had still not arrived. So as a team we kept true to what the Lord had promised so we remained in prayer, once it was very late we had a skate session at a local parking lot and then realized our vehicle wasn’t coming in this evening, so we set up camp at Gareth’s house. The next day was the same and now our faith was under some serious testing, but we stuck out another day. On the Sunday we received a message from a sponsor that they had a vehicle for us and it will be ready for us on Monday. This message placed us in excitement for our trip and awe of our God. Come Monday we got a lift to Ford dealership in Barberton where we received our Ford Tourneo bus which was fresh out of the box new. We set off to our destination in high spirits.

We finally arrived at Durban around 8pm where we met up with the CS Cape Town team who had already begun their trip and had had three stops in Bloemfontein. An extremely generous couple, namely Paddy and Louis, had opened their house to us. After unpacking we put our heads down for some well needed rest. Our excitement is probably what woke us up so early and we headed out to hit the beach with CS Cape Town member, Chris Van Der Merwe, for some skim boarding. Once we finished off at the beach we linked up with the rest of the CS Cape Town team at the house that they were staying at. We began with a devotion and a few shares on who we all were so that we could all get acquainted. The day in Durban predominantly consisted of the boys enjoying the Durban beachfront skate park, the surf and skim boarding. We even had a braai at the skate park as we were enjoying ourselves so much that leaving wasn’t an option. The CS Cape town team had already held a competition here the day before so this day was mostly dedicated to enjoying ourselves.

The next morning we were up to go to our next stop at the Indigo Skate Camp in the Valley of a Thousand Hills in Kwazulu-Natal. This camp holds a massive half pipe in the middle of  a rural Zulu community where the members of this community have learnt to shred this half pipe like pros. We marvelled at the display at some of the guys skill and then held a -best trick competition. After the comp we gathered altogether in the half pipe and gave the well deserved prizes out and then with help of a translator Chris began to ask them questions about God. Eventually the question “Would you like to accept Jesus into your hearts and lives?” was raised and hands all around the group were raised, eager to meet and live with Jesus. The few that raised their hands prayed a salvation prayer along with us, it was incredible experiencing Jesus’ love being poured down on those young men and boys. After this all we headed off to Pretoria in which we only arrived at 4 am to a friend of Chris’ house, Frank, who is a sick rollerblader with the heart of gold, its not often you’ll find a guy who will open up his house to 11 skaters.

Come the morning and we were off to Key West mall in Krugersdorp to skate and throw a spontaneous best trick competition. The compact skate park held some awesome skaters with some great skills, after the boys were done shredding the park up it was competition time and we announced that there was 15 minutes for any and every skater to land their best tricks on one of the rails. It was an epic affair of some of the sickest tricks. After prize giving we shared a bit of the gospel and we prayed a salvation prayer with those who felt that they wanted to.

We ended up spending the majority of the evening at the mall and then made our way back to Frank’s house for a late night braai.

The next morning we headed out to find some sweet street skate spots where we found a really cool double concrete guard railed set of stairs at UNISA. That the boys, Alex Williams and Ethan Cairns tore up. After the street session we hit up Thrashers skate park in Pretoria. The skaters at the park responded really well to what we were  bringing. This was certainly the bigger of the contests that we held where there was Rollerblade, BMX and 3 different Skateboards heats. All the participants showed huge dedication to their tricks. After the competition we gathered together and each member of CS shared their testimony to the members of the park. The testimonies held that Holy Spirit charm for a lot of the   testimonies were applauded and a lot of the dudes prayed a salvation prayer alongside us. This Thrashers event was a great triumph for the Kingdom of Heaven.

Our last event came where we went to YBF skate plaza at the New Covenant Church in Bryanston, Johannesburg. The Joburg skaters gave us a pristine example of their talents at this modern state of the art skate park. The competition went off unhinged firstly with the rollerbladers, this was the most rollerbladers that we were able to experience on our whole tour and their skill sets shined out. The BMXers did the same with a jam packed example of their insane tricks. We held 3 sets of skateboard events because there was copius amounts of skaters at the parks. The final heat was where minds were blown, the skaters could have been pros. Prize giving was held and afterwards a member of CS Cape Town , Stuart Rothon shared his testimony of overcoming a heroin addiction. This event went unhinged.

Overall this tour was a brilliant success, all the members of CS were able to grow from this tour and get in some great opportunities to minister to people around the country as well as getting in some sick skate sessions. This tour will be one to never be forgotten. Massive testimonies will be birthed from this trip. We as the CS team look forward to seeing how the seeds we planted will begin to grow. The Lord blessed us abundantly throughout this tour and we were put in awe a lot of the time at His majesty.