Our day began like the others with the new addition of the spring time heat` that was newly welcomed. The morning began with a couple skaters arriving fresh to help set up the last of things to do for the event, its always refreshing seeing these youthful skaters volunteering themselves to assist us. It seemed as if only a moment passed and then all of a sudden the skate park flourished with skaters. We had our resident visitors with an addition of two skaters from Johannesburg, Thaine and Ronsley ,and we were graced with the return of Marinus, an old friend who decided to get on the board again.

In the air one could feel the youthful spirits flowing and the atmosphere of freedom. The skate clinic began with a couple new children joining, basic skills were taught and picked up rather quickly by the aspiring skateboarders. The new skills shone out when it came up to competition time for the groms, where the parents of the little groms were allowed to assist the skaters with getting them up onto the rails and dropping in on the quarter pipes. It was such a treasurable moment watching the enjoyment coming from the young skaters and the parents. The competition ended with Ruby, a new visitor to our Car Park league, who’s shirt read “Coolest girl ever” which is what she truly was.

The vibrancy of the skate park multiplied once it was the competition for the seniors to begin. There was three heats that took place, where we saw Nelspruit locals Johnny, Simon, Brandon, Zandu and the Jo’burg boys tear up the park with an excellent display up skate shredding. The competition was tight, but our judges finally decided to place Zandu in 3rd, Simon 2nd & Johnny in 1st. All round it seemed as if all the skaters have increased their skills and their dedication to the beautiful sport of skateboarding.

Thank to our sponsors, our team, and ultimately to our Lord Jesus.